Best BlackCoin Faucets

These are the high paying blackcoin faucets we come across so far and some of them provide shortlinks as well so you can earn even more! We test them daily to confirm!

Faucet Payout Rate 0.0035 BLK/10 min Claim
Blackcoin Faucet 0.0030 BLK/60 MIN Claim
CryptoFun 0.002 BLK/5 MIN Claim
Penta Faucet 0.0025 BLK/5 MIN Claim 0.005 BLK/5 MIN Claim
Bitzer 0.004 BLK/5 MIN Claim
LuckyBits 0.008 BLK/10 MIN Claim
Forum Coin Upto 0.003 BLK/1 MIN Claim
Darak Upto 0.001 BLK/0 MIN Claim
Rektcoins Upto 0.004 BLK/7 MIN Claim
Getdogecoinsfaucet 0.004 BLK/5 MIN Claim