How can i earn ?
 There are 2 ways to earn with Faucet Fortune, Claiming free satoshis from the faucets, or earning referral commissions from your referrals claims.
 Is there any withdrawals limits ?
 Minimum amount of withdrawals is 0.001, there is no maximum. all payments are instantly initiated, we don’t charge any fees on withdrawals, we pay for the transactions fees.
 What’s your funding source ?
 As you can see, we display various types of ads all over the webites (banners, text ads, pop-ups…) and we make profit out of it, and we share up to 98% in faucet rewards.
 When will i get paid if I have requested a Withdrawal ?
 If you request a withdrawal, the Bitcoins will be sent to your wallet instantly, you should see your bitcoins within 15 minutes after the request (or after 3 network confirmations).
 Where can I see my referral link or my referrals ?
 You can see your referral link in your dashboard.
 When will i get my referrals commission ?
 If your referral make a free claim from the faucet, you will earn 25%.
 I can’t access my account, what’s the reason ?
 If you can’t access your account, it’s because your account is banned or you are using the same IP as another account, if your account is banned it’s final and you can’t restore it (submit a support ticket if you think it’s a mistake), if it always redirects you to the main page, just use a different IP/Network and you will be able to login.