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We use faucethub to pay the earning so if you don’t have account there please make one by following this link FaucetHub

Time remaining before you can claim Satoshi again:

Important: We pay instantly once you reach your withdrawal limit that is 0.00010000 BTC if your balance in lower than that it will be carried forward to the next day.

While Waiting For Timer Try These Best Recommended Faucets
Faucet Payout Rate
Claim Bitcoins 50 sat Claim
BitDesire Upto 5000 satoshi Claim
CoinDice 300 sat Claim
OneWayFaucet 100 – 10000 sat Claim
LuckyBits 1000 satoshi Claim
MafiaCoins 333 sat Claim
ClaimBit Upto 1000 Satoshi! Claim
Melovin 105 satoshi Claim
GR8 100 satoshi Claim
BIG BTC WIN 100sat Claim