Terms Of Services

By using Faucet Fortune You agree with the following simple terms :


1- Don’t abuse the system in any kind or violate the rules.

2- Don’t create more than one account from the same network (all related accounts will be banned if you do so).

3- Be civil and use clear English when you contact us.

4- We don’t monitor external ads, be careful when you want to invest or work with other websites from the ads, some might be possible scams.

5- faucetfortune.com reserves the right to update, modify, add or change the terms and conditions, faucet rewards and referrals commission with/without a notice.

6. There is a limit of 24 claims per day and violating or try to use it more than 24 times can get your account banned permanently.


If you don’t agree with our terms please don’t use our services.